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Here's the deal: At the usual gaming session time (listed below), we gather in HLF's steam chat, and I fire up Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, all of you get the manual, and we defuse some bombs. If it works out and people are into it, I buy the game to all attending and interested parties (this means YOU!). That way we can alternate defusal turns the next time we play.

I already know, as many others do, that this is a phenomenally fun game so I hope to see you there!
Digital Foundry have been doing a series of technical reviews of some older games recently, its strange seeing Half-Life 2 labeled as retro but it has been a few years now! This video takes a look at the original PC version, the console versions and the strange arcade version made for Japan. Take a look!
Digital Foundry have been doing a series of technical reviews of some older games recently, this week they take a look at the unreleased Dreamcast version of the game. Have a watch to compare them to the Playstation 2 and PC version of the game.
The developers behind Team Fortress 2 keep refreshing the game after 9 years with more glorious updates.

This time we are getting match-making for TF2: the ability to pair you with other similarly skilled players. A feat never before seen in video gaming

Both casual and competitive modes will be available plus 3 new maps!

Go ahead and checkout the Meet your Match Update Page
Arstechnica has an article reporting how on this day (May 24th) Valve announced the development of Episode 3 of the Half Life 2 franchise OVER A DECADE AGO!


Just over ten years ago, on May 24, 2006, Valve first announced it was working on Half-Life 2: Episode 3, the final part "in a trilogy... that will conclude by Christmas 2007."