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Half-Life: A Place In The West is a fan-made passion project, more specifically a burgeoning series of comic books. Remember those garbage old Garry's mod comics from 10 years ago? You can forget about those as this here is the real deal, with hand-drawn artwork, original characters, a real plot, proper grammar, and everything!

I was going to write an in-depth review, but I decided to keep it spoiler free in order to entice more potential readers towards the actual work on display. In short, go read it now, it's free and good.
If you ever wanted your very own steam controller now is your chance! For a limited time there is a 30% discount that brings the total price to 34.99 USD. Go get it at:

Steam Store

What are you waiting for?
I installed a Discord bot inside my raspberry pi. All dialogue inside a Discord chat window will appear in IRC and vice-versa. You can install Discord and play games, text, voice-chat and see it all on HLF's front page.

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Hey Guys,

I am a fan of sunday's gaming event day, yet lately I have been bombarded with marital problems, sometimes I don't know what will happen. I have tried to talk to her, but she isn't budging. First waifu's friends come to town and stay over the weekend, then waifu wants to go to the beach and spend "quality" time together, then her mother comes over the weekend and we have to drive her back home on sunday.
We had a few weeks of fun defusing bombs, but we're back with a classic from last sunday on: Sven-coop.
So let's use the power of the viking to coop and merrily shoot many aliens.

Sunday 2016-09-11
8 PM UTC = 21:00 in the Netherlands
3 PM in New York
2 PM in Iowa
12 noon in California

We meet in HLFallout's Steam group chatroom and use it for voicechat.