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Here's an interesting article which showcases some nifty pie charts, info-graphics and data which reveal sales and popularity of games released on the Steam client. For example, the most owned game on Steam as of now is DOTA 2. Click here to read the full article over at ArsTechnica.

Via ArsTechnica
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Well folks, if you ever wanted to see a HD rendition of Half-Life 2 using the Unreal engine, check out these beautiful pictures of the intro scene to HL2 created by artist Jeannot "Logithx" van Berlo, who has posted the images originally in this polycount thread.
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"It appears that those lucky 300 beta testers have been quite busy as Valve has decided to drop the touchscreen on its Steam Controller and add a couple of new physical buttons.
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Valve has revealed the first batch of OEM steam machines at CES 2014.
These living room gaming rigs will all come with SteamOS installed and a Steam controller.
Fourteen manufacturers were named, including Alienware, Gigabyte, and Falcon NW.
More information on pricing and hardware specs can be found here.
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Today means today, now, Christmas day. Get it on Steam.
Forever means you can keep it, forever, and play it. maybe with HLfers.
Good luck wading through the hammered steam servers.
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