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We've had some great fun these last two weeks, and this time, you get to decide what we should play together this sunday.
  • Fistful of Frags
  • Garry's mod: Trouble in Terrorist Town
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Sven Coop
By voting in this poll you accept it as a binding contract and will join in the game Sunday.
You know what's a good game? Half-Life. You know what is free and on steam now? Sven-coop.
So let's coop the whole way through Half-life's campaign this Sunday!

Sunday 2016-01-31
8 PM UTC = 21:00 in the Netherlands
3 PM in New York
2 PM in Iowa
12 noon in California

We meet in HLFallout's Steam group chatroom and use it for voicechat.
TL;DR: sunday, iksetch (install shockwave, recommend using firefox)
Then Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 20:00 UTC/GMT Be there or be square!

Sunday 2016-01-24
8 PM UTC = 21:00 in the Netherlands
3 PM in New York
2 PM in Iowa
12 noon in California!
Sorry about the fright, old chaps, we had us a little dingle dangle with that there database there gumming up the gullyworks. Everything is up right as rain now, so don't worry about nuthing no more.

Due to either transdimentional invaders or HLFallout's hosting company cutting off our service without warning for nebulous reasons, We've had to do some emergency rearranging of the forum database. Everything is now working as it should, but we've had to delete some old posts. The first person to find out what posts we culled wins a prize!
According to a probably-not-fake Email to a reddit user, Marc Laidlaw has retired from Valve.

Marc Laidlaw has been the lead writer of the entire Half-Life series, but now he's decided it's time from him to retire. Why? Because he's feeling old and the time is ripe for him to take it easy. There doesn't seem to be any animosity towards Valve, just a natural step in life. We wish him luck on his extreme retired man adventures.