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The mod team recreating the first Half-Life have now put up their work in progress on Steam. No downloading from a website, you can do it straight from the Steam client.

The game is still in 'Early access' so if you are looking forward to blasting your way around Xen you will have to wait a little longer. But as a Half-Life fan you're used to waiting for things. Head on over to their Steam page to find out more.
Need an excuse to replay the already venerable Half-Life 2? This mod is for you!

Reworked lighting, particle effects, even commentary nodes by the modders! All this and more awaits you in the Half-Life 2 : Update mod! Even better: no extraneous Alyx boobies or blinding overbaked lighting unlike other more infamous HL2 overhauls.

Releasing tomorrow march 27th.
This year's GDC sure has been an active event for Valve, and now all the news have been condensed into one convenient page.
Steam Controllers and boxes! Virtual reality! More!
A bug in the Linux Steam Client has been found that causes the entire root folder to be deleted when the Steam installation path is moved.
It has been revealed that the Steam Controller design has been finalized and is going to production. The controller will feature a new layout and Valve will release more information at GDC 2015 this march.

In more news, Origin PC CEO Kevin Wasielewski stated that the concept of Steam Machines has lost most of its meaning and is pretty much dead. Long live the 'Living Room PC'.

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