Half-Life 2 : Episode One Walkthrough

A guide by Brumisator


1: Undue Alarm    2: Direct Intervention    3: Lowlife    4: Urban Flight    5: Exit 17


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Welcome to the HLFallout guide for Half-life 2: Episode 1.

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about playing through the game without a hitch, as well as get all the achievements awarded during a normal playthrough.

For a guide of the other achievemnts, see the achievements section.

Without further ado, let's jump right in!

Chapter: Undue Alarm
Map: ep1_citadel_00
Fun fact: the van's steering wheel has a logo in its middle. Not wanting copyright lawsuits from Volkswagen, Valve put something resembling the Radiohead logo on there

After a short introduction showing you how the Vortigaunts saved you and Alyx Vance from the G-man atop of the exploding citadel, you wake up under a pile of rubble as Alyx and her robotic sidekick, DOG, are busy freeing you from it.
Pick up the Gravity Gun lying on the ground next to DOG and head right. Using your Gravity Gun's primary or secondary fire modes, remove the three wooden planks blocking off the metallic gate in order to create a makeshift bridge. If the Bridge doesn't descend, simply pull it down with the Gravity Gun.

Next, you get treated to an explanatory no-really-it's-not-a-cutscene between Alyx, her father Dr. Eli Vance, and Dr. Isaac Kleiner. Listen to what all the fancy science-heads have to say or just play around with the physics, throwing a bike, rotating a street sign...fun!

When they're done talking, drop down through the new opening DOG makes and crouch/jump/GravGun your way through a few small obstacles while avoiding falling in the chasm. You get to a small open patch of rubble. Here, simply wait for DOG to throw a derelict wreck of a van into your general area. Avoid getting crushed by the van, get into the passenger side (right side), and enjoy the ride!

Finally inside the Citadel...Again.
You need to get out of the van, and it crashes further down below with a muted thump. Farewell, red van, we hardly knew ye. Follow the winding steel corridors and get to...

map: ep1_citadel_01

Fun fact: Rumour has it that Gordon Freeman, MIT graduate, failed his PhD oral presentation

...a broken glass bridge, whose left railing you have to jump over.
Come to a window showing a couple of Stalkers, and after Alyx's short speech, go through the force field on your left (On the right in the picture)

Crouch-walk through the charred tunnel, fall onto a bright grey wall extension, drop onto a small bridge-like extension, jump on an incline, go down, and follow the glass walkway. Wait for the glass lift to come back, cross it to get to a combine energy dispenser where you can heal up. Continue on the walkway and press the red-glowing button.
Evade, or throw the roller-mines down the pit using your Gravity Gun up until there's only one left. Pick it up with the Gravity Gun and take the glass lift back to Alyx, where she will turn it into a cuddly, wuddly, friendly yellow roller-mine of death.
Throw the yellow roller-mine through the combine force shield and laugh manically as it kills the helpless stalkers. Alyx gets the shield offline; keep on keeping on, walking through the citadel. You'll come across some Combine corpses, flaming walls showing the terminal state the whole structure is in. Jump over a railing and get to an energy bridge.

Wait for the Combine soldiers to be sucked into the wall and sprint across the bridge as soon as the vortex goes offline. Don't worry about Alyx; she can take care of herself.

Continue through the various corridors and get to a tall red-lit room, to another no-really-it's-not-a-cutscene featuring Dr. Breen and a combine Overlord. Get out of there before the Headache kills you [Ed: you can't actually die from it], and soon enough, you'll get to a combine weapons stripper, which, just like at the end of HL2, will upgrade your Gravity Gun to be blue-beamed; this allows you to manipulate organic matter as-well (read: kill combine soldiers in direct, hilarious fashion) and carry on to the next Loading screen.

Map: ep1_citadel_02

Not-so-fun fact: Since the release and patching of this game on Apple computers, some visual effects like the bridge vortex and the energy balls look awful when playing on PC

If for some reason you need healing, there is an energy dispenser directly to your left.

At last, you arrive at the first puzzle of the game: an energy-ball socket.

Now this one is very easy, simply look down, grab an energy ball from that stream and throw it into the socket with a red light on the left side.
Hooray! Gordon Freeman's MIT education really pays for itself!

Cross the bridge and you're greeted by angry combine soldiers. Use primary fire to throw them across the map or use secondary fire to grab them and throw them onto other soldiers, instantly killing them either way. Keep in mind that Alyx, while extremely tough, is not invulnerable, even on the easy difficulty setting; so you can't let her be overwhelmed lest she gets killed.

You may also grab energy balls and throw them at enemies, taking them out at long range. Sadly, the Gravity Gun's awesome blue power also disintegrates all regular weapons, so you can't pick any of them up.

Eventually, they will all have died by your hands, and a nearby bridge explodes, signalling you where to direct your attention. Kill or let Alyx handle the lone trooper on the broken bridge and ready your brain for some more mild puzzle solving.

The next energy bridge is completely offline, so you simply have to fire an energy ball into each of the red-lit sockets. Carry on, and dispose of the soldiers on the next solid platform.
Once all of the enemies are lying on the floor, their blood pooling inside their armoured suits, you have to extend yet another bridge.
This time, the leftmost socket is blocked by an unbreakable pane of translucent material.

There are a few ways to solve this: Either shoot an energy ball at an angle just above the shield blocking the socket, making the ball bounce a few times to finally lodge itself into place; or walk along the left side of the opening, and go though one of the opening in the wall, finding yourself above the blocked-off socket, from where you can easily grab a ball and throw it into the receptacle.
Don't forget the ball socket on the right side, and then move along the energy bridge.

On the other side of the bridge, crouch under the rubble, never mind the strange energy discharges, and beware of the white-uniformed combine elite soldiers attacking you from the left a couple of corners later.
Continue forward, jump over a small gap in the walkway and you will see a combine soldier shooting at you from the right, attracting your attention to the pretty spectacle of a drop-ship carrying a strider crashing and burning. HAH! Take that, oppressive alien invading force! Newton wins again! A locked door. Wait for Alyx to open it for you and onto the next map!

Map: ep1_citadel_02b

Fun fact: If you shine your flashlight into Alyx's face, she shields her eyes and hates you deep inside

As you stumble upon a great vertical room featuring the white energy core logo on the wall near a glass lift, you can heal up with the energy dispenser on the right side of the room before stepping onto the lift.
Using your Gravity gun, pick up one of the energy balls moving in the white luminous shafts along the walls and throw it into the socket in the wall recess just across from the lift.

You are now moving down, towards the Citadel's core, but don't take a nap just yet! Debris starts falling from the ceiling (a shower of sparks flies towards the lift, warning you that a piece of debris is imminent), and you have to intercept the larger pieces if you intend to survive.
You can use the Gravity Gun's secondary fire to grab and throw away the pieces of debris (don't worry, they are harmless once you've caught them) or you can divert them using primary fire, but the latter takes more skill, since its attack range is shorter.

Three pieces of debris later, the lift stops. You have to remove the red-screened computer-thingy on the left of the nearby recess using your gravity gun to. Having opened a way into the room, pick up another energy ball and make it bounce around in the room until it lodges itself into the receptacle.

One more bridge piece falls from above, intercept it as the lift grinds to a halt again.
This puzzle seems straightforward, but as soon as you set an energy ball into the socket, a stalker destroys it using it's laser.
Throw an energy ball at an angle into the side-room, making it bounce around in order to kill the stalker, and throw another energy ball into the socket.

As the lift starts moving down at top speed, don't bother trying to intercept the next large falling piece of citadel; instead, run off the lift onto the next platform.
If you need healing, there is an energy dispenser on the left side of the hallway.
Enter the Door bearing the white energy core logo.

Achievement unlocked:

1: Undue Alarm    2: Direct Intervention    3: Lowlife    4: Urban Flight    5: Exit 17


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