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How to Re-install steam games??

Metro. Enforcer

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#1 Posted 01 September 2004 - 01:54 AM

I went into the properties of CS:S through steam and "Deleted game content" I am now re-loading it through steam.
The reason im doing this is because I stupidly downloaded some of the "new" maps people are making and I think it screwed up some of my textures.. (Unless you all have a dif floor texture in the tunnel in De_Dust. What Ive noticed though, is that none of the files inside the Counterstike Source Beta folder dissapeared... Anyone know how to completely uninstall and reinstall CS:S??

Combine Trooper

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#2 Posted 01 September 2004 - 01:57 AM

the only way i know of is to totally get rid of steam and then re-install it

Alien Slave

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#3 Posted 01 September 2004 - 06:22 AM

just delete the files you think are fubar, and then run the game. steam should replace whats missing, id assume

City 17 Civilian

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#4 Post icon  Posted 14 March 2008 - 03:21 PM

Dude, shouldn't you just right click on it, select :Delete Local Content then when that happens, just reinstall the game?
I think you need to just try things out b4 coming running to a forum and if you don't, then ill beat you over the head with a crowbar like this: :whack :devil so next time, just keep your cool. It might be a good idea to check out steam support as well :): Ok, so chill out! REMEMBER WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU OTHERWISE! :whack :whack :whack

Mr. Frost

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#5 Posted 14 March 2008 - 03:23 PM

LMAO. You do realize this thread is like four years old? :):

Edit: Way too many emoticons too.


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#6 Posted 14 March 2008 - 03:23 PM

That's great. This thread is 4 years old.

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