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Hello fellow lovers of hlfallout,

This site means a lot to us and I know it means a lot to you too! As some of you know, we recently obtained full ownership of the site, purchased a new host and put up a brand spanking new Front Page to celebrate. Now we need your support more than ever!
During all this time between Episode Two and Half-Life 3 do you think Gordon has just been sitting around doing nothing? Well for a few years maybe, but he found a book on military fashion that the Combine didn’t destroy at put it to use making this amazing new H.E.V armour.

Or maybe a talented artist was so sick of waiting for Half-Life 3 he created this artwork of what Gordon might do to upgrade his suit. You can see more of Daryl Mandryks artwork on his blog here.
Seems like everything is early access these days, but since this is early access to maps on an already finished game we'll let it slide. So right now you can start testing out battle arenas for Team Fortress 2. You get chance to play these maps and give feedback and maybe make changes that everyone will enjoy. To get the maps and more information click here!
It seems valve doesn't wait for HLFallout to make noteworthy news!

Operation Breakout adds six free new community-created maps to play in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and for the richest of you willing to spend a whopping 6 USD (or your regional equivalent), access to unlocking 45 new weapon skins, a challenge coin with mini-achievements to unlock more stuff, a weapon display case, a mini-leaderboard to keep track of it all and a partridge in a pear tree.
PSA? what is this? Fear not, and listen to this soothing tune while I explain.

To state it in no uncertain terms: HLF is leaving the ownership of Zizzero, our gracious owners for the past few years, and we are emerging on our own, hosted and financed by suicide_mission and Brumisator ourselves, hooray! However, sadly, a server change means site downtime, that is inescapable.

Please expect to be at least intermittently, and perhaps continuously offline for the rest of the week, as we transfer files, and the domain name.