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I,ROBOT, schindlers list, the pianist, The aviator, The fast and the furious1, the matrix trilogy, back to the future.
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Half-life series, wingcommander series, C&C series, XIII, CS:S, Hl2:DM, Splinter cell series, Max Payne series, chronicles of riddick.
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The simpsons, samurai-x, ghost in the shell, that 70's show.
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PSP, PC, X360.
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Win Xp Service pack 2.

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Topics I've Started

  1. Valve and The Cabal System

    Posted 7 Jan 2015

    For some reason I didn't feel like posting this up on the main page. I thought for those of you interested in what's really happening at Valve's offices during the recent years, this should be considered important.

    Open Office Spaces and Cabal Rooms Suck

    I'll quote some lines from the blog as a preview.


    Here's the list of issues I encountered while working in cabal (open office layout) rooms:

    1. North Korea-like atmosphere of self-censorship:
    Now at a place like my previous company, pretty much everyone is constantly trying to climb the stack rank ladders to get a good bonus, and everyone is trying to protect their perceived turf. Some particularly nasty devs will do everything they can to lead you down blind alleys, or just give you bad information or bogus feedback, to prevent you from doing something that could make you look good (or make something they claimed previously be perceived by the group as wrong or boneheaded).

    Anyhow, in an environment like this, even simple conversations with other coworkers can be difficult, because all conversations are broadcasted into the room and you've got to be careful not to step on the toes of 10-20 other people at all times. Good luck with that.

    2. Constant background noise: visual, auditory, olfactory, etc.
    As an engineer, I do my best (highest value) work while in the "flow". Background noise raises the mental cost of getting into and staying in this state.

    3. Bad physical cabal room placement: Don't put a cabal room next to the barber or day care rooms people (!).

    4. Constant random/unstructured interruptions.

    It's can be almost impossible to concentrate on (for example) massive restructurings of the Source1 graphics engine, or debugging the vogl GL debugger with UE4 while the devs next to you are talking about their gym lessons while the other dude is bragging about the new Porsche he just bought with the stock he sold back to the company.

    The blog belongs to a former developer at Valve.

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26 years old
January 16, 1989
Aeromodelling, scubadiving, football, tennis, computers, animation, gaming, cricket, piano, music , reading etc. as well as modding.

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