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  1. 2017 resolutions

    Posted 31 Dec 2016

    Honestly, I cba about 4K, I'l stick to 1080p. HAH! resolution joke, it's so old it's almost retro by now.
    Meanwhile, happy new year to whomever applicable, I love you all, except that one guy, you know who you are!

    Is 2017 I promise, as HLF admin, to do absolutely nothing, and to let the site rot, but to still keep it as a shrine to amazing things past.

    On a personal level, in 2015 I promised myself I'd find a less shitty job, and I did get into a school for a job I feel I'll like.
    In 2016 I said I'd stop smoking, and I havent had a smoke since jan 1 2016
    In 2017, I have no big plans, just carrying on the good path, and helping others in whatever minor way it could be.

    Hell, that's a good a pledge as any, in 2017, I pledge to listen to, and potentially help any problems HLFers may have in their lives, be it "can't afford a new GPU" to "my wife left me".
    We all have personal quests, let us sometimes have that quest have sidekicks.
  2. Half-Life: A Place In The West

    Posted 30 Sep 2016

    Half-Life: A Place In The West is a fan-made passion project, more specifically a burgeoning series of comic books. Remember those garbage old Garry's mod comics from 10 years ago? You can forget about those as this here is the real deal, with hand-drawn artwork, original characters, a real plot, proper grammar, and everything!

    I was going to write an in-depth review, but I decided to keep it spoiler free in order to entice more potential readers towards the actual work on display. In short, go read it now, it's free and good.

    The story takes place On earth, an indeterminate amount of time between Half-Life's resonance cascade and the rebirth of crowbar Jesus in Half-Life 2. It would have easy to get lost in the grand universe that Valve created, but the two writers Micheal Pelletier and Ross Joseph Gardner masterfully avoided this trap by starting small, with a relatable human story of post-apocalyptic survival and misery which shows strong hints of greater things to come and will hopefully escalates to more epic proportions without overwhelming the reader.
    Despite taking place in America, the backdrop of this story is definitely Half-Life, with well placed details only someone enamored with the source material could have so carefully applied, both in the writing and the artwork. Each page is a delight to look at with the wonderful art that really is on-par with Valve's own comics for their other properties.

    The entire first chapter in its 38 page glory is available now for free on Steam, stay tuned for chapter two, due in January.
    And if you're a special fan who's heard it all before and read it before, well this steam version comes with a fancy new menu screen and behind the scenes content (the latter slated for release around November).
  3. Sven coop sunday

    Posted 6 Sep 2016

    We had a few weeks of fun defusing bombs, but we're back with a classic from last sunday on: Sven-coop.
    So let's use the power of the viking to coop and merrily shoot many aliens.

    Sunday 2016-09-11
    8 PM UTC = 21:00 in the Netherlands
    3 PM in New York
    2 PM in Iowa
    12 noon in California

    We meet in HLFallout's Steam group chatroom and use it for voicechat.
  4. Bomb defusal sunday

    Posted 6 Aug 2016

    Here's the deal: At the usual gaming session time (listed below), we gather in HLF's steam chat, and I fire up Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, all of you get the manual, and we defuse some bombs. If it works out and people are into it, I buy the game to all attending and interested parties (this means YOU!). That way we can alternate defusal turns the next time we play.

    I already know, as many others do, that this is a phenomenally fun game so I hope to see you there!

    Sunday 7 aug 2016
    8 PM UTC = 21:00 in the Netherlands
    3 PM in New York
    2 PM in Texas
    12 noon in California

    Posted 16 Apr 2016

    Sunday, tomorrow, Left4Dead 2.
    "aaaawwww shiiiiieeett, I remember that game!" I hear you say! Hell yeah you do! and I say [bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep]. Ah, pardon me, I seem to have triggered the newspost swearing overflow buffer.
    No matter, let's remember the good times, live, usual time, usual crowd, all HLFers welcome. (other games will also be played for those who hate zombies, but not enough to shoot them)

    Sunday 2016-04-17
    8 PM UTC = 21:00 in the Netherlands
    3 PM in New York
    2 PM in Texas
    12 PM in Washington

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