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  1. Decide what we play this sunday

    Posted 1 Feb 2016

    We've had some great fun these last two weeks, and this time, you get to decide what we should play together this sunday.
    • Fistful of Frags
    • Garry's mod: Trouble in Terrorist Town
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    • Sven Coop
    By voting in this poll you accept it as a binding contract and will join in the game Sunday.

    Sunday 2016-02-07
    8 PM UTC
    21:00 in the Netherlands
    3 PM in New York
    2 PM in Iowa
    12 noon in California

    Meet up in HLFallout's steam group chat when the time comes.

    Posted Image

    Fistful of Frags is one of the venerable few great source mods, now as a standalone free game. Wild west themed shootout, with probably many more features and game modes than you remember.

    Posted Image

    Trouble in Terrorist Town is a game mode in Garry's mod (it also requires CS:source being installed) is a terrorist themed werewolf, or whodunnit game. Who among you is the traitor? Kill innocents, discover the traitor, jolly good fun!

    Posted Image

    Team fortress 2, everyone's favourite hat simulator is here to stay. Choose a class, wear silly costumes, get shot. Fun!

    Posted Image

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is like Trouble in Terrorist Town, but without the intrigue and treason, and more about shooting the other team cleanly and efficiently.

    Posted Image

    Sven Coop, 15 years old and still going strong, now available hassle free (mostly) and just plain free on Steam. Run. Think. Shoot. Live. Cooperate. Half-Life 1 and many many custom maps have never been as fun as with buddies.

    If you have any of your own suggestions, feel free to post them in here. Please note that this poll is public, your name is attached to the poll, so don't lie. Except Cake21, he can lie because he is a lie.
  2. Sven coop game night! 2016-01-31

    Posted 27 Jan 2016

    You know what's a good game? Half-Life. You know what is free and on steam now? Sven-coop.
    So let's coop the whole way through Half-life's campaign this Sunday!

    Sunday 2016-01-31
    8 PM UTC = 21:00 in the Netherlands
    3 PM in New York
    2 PM in Iowa
    12 noon in California

    We meet in HLFallout's Steam group chatroom and use it for voicechat.
  3. HLF game night 2016-01-24

    Posted 24 Jan 2016

    TL;DR: sunday, iksetch (install shockwave, recommend using firefox)
    Then Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 20:00 UTC/GMT Be there or be square!

    Sunday 2016-01-24
    8 PM UTC = 21:00 in the Netherlands
    3 PM in New York
    2 PM in Iowa
    12 noon in California!
  4. HLF is back to stay!

    Posted 18 Jan 2016

    HLF is back to stay!

    Sorry about the fright, old chaps, we had us a little dingle dangle with that there database there gumming up the gullyworks. Everything is up right as rain now, so don't worry about nuthing no more.

    Due to either transdimentional invaders or HLFallout's hosting company cutting off our service without warning for nebulous reasons, We've had to do some emergency rearranging of the forum database. Everything is now working as it should, but we've had to delete some old posts. The first person to find out what posts we culled wins a prize!

    What about our eternal shrine to the good old days? Fear not, we have learned from other people's mistakes, and have made several redundant backups in various parts of the planet of the entire forum database, all the way back to Mr. Bond's first post welcoming people to HL2 Fallout. The posts that were culled in this emergency fix are safe, and we're looking into methods of reintegrating them as a browsable archive.

    We're terribly sorry about the inconvenience, and hope that you didn't take the opportunity to go out into the world and meet other human beings or anything that drastic. This operation took a lot more work than it should have, and the few days it took to fix it were sadly unavoidable, it wasn't laziness on our part. Take this as proof that there are people who will fix HLF's problems, even today, and at least until 2019.

    Many people offered help when asked, but particularly our CTO (Chief Taco Obsessive) suicide_mission and and coolguy hobgadling worked hard to get us back online, not to mention admin emeritus SynicalSpaghetti.
  5. Laidlaw leaves Valve

    Posted 8 Jan 2016

    According to a probably-not-fake Email to a reddit user, Marc Laidlaw has retired from Valve.

    Marc Laidlaw has been the lead writer of the entire Half-Life series, but now he's decided it's time from him to retire. Why? Because he's feeling old and the time is ripe for him to take it easy. There doesn't seem to be any animosity towards Valve, just a natural step in life. We wish him luck on his extreme retired man adventures.

    What does this mean for Half-Life 3? As usual, nothing. Nothing means anything, there is no news. All the intellectual property is still and always has been owned by Valve, and they will do or not do with it what they please.

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