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Starting in the far off year of 2013 James McVinnie and a small team have been working away on a video created in Source Film Maker. After toiling away, their work is finally complete and the 13 minute short film is ready for you to watch. To go along with the film Valve have released a new update for Team Fortress 2, for more info on that visit this page. But before you do that watch the film!
Tired? Hungry? Lonely? I have a solution for you! Take a nap, grab a sandwich and sign up for Steam Broadcasting! If you and a friend sign up into the beta, you can watch each other play videogames all day long over the intertubes. How's that for a feature?

Scared about privacy? Have no fear, you can choose who can view your stream, whether it be invite only, friends only, or the whole wide world.
Can you fucking believe it's been 10 years since Half-Life 2 was released? The reason this website exists, sequel to the best FPS of all time [citation needed] :crowbar: :whack: :zombieattack REJOICE! PARTAY! Reflect on your wasted life on this website!

How about we all remember what we we doing in our lives 10 years ago and tell stories around the camp fire?
You want Half-Life 3. I want Half-Life 3. We all want Half-Life 3. So, a few folks decided to take it further and create a crowdfunding venture over at IndieGoGo to try and hustle Valve into actually making it (or not!) happen. There will be different Tier goals, some of which you can see in the quote below.
Valve have been slowly adding different types of items available on the store starting with non game software then movies and now music. In the latest Steam client update Valve have added a new music section to the store, as well as a player so you can buy and listen to a games soundtrack right from its page in the store. To celebrate the launch you can find a selection of free soundtracks from games here.