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Been playing Left 4 Dead and thought 'I just can't get into this game if I am not a member of some elite special forces'. No? Me neither but someone at Nexon Europe did and started working on a game set to come out later this year titled: Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies. How much would you pay for this game £15? $9? €45? Well put your wallets away because its going to be free to play! Aren't you lucky!
Yes the rumours were true! Valve was bought by EA this morning, in a...wait. That's not right...

No, what I meant to write is that Valve's (in)famous Steam controller project had shown yet another stage of evolution. When it was first revealed, it looked like nothing we'd seen before, later on it lost a touchscreen and received a more conservative face button placement. The outrageousness of its design is eroding further today, as its latest iteration touts a conventional thumbstick! gasp!
Valve's impact record when it comes to customer support has always been on the light side, now several Steam partners have voiced their disappointment and concern regarding Valve's policies (or lack thereof) when it comes to formal bug hunting and general data safety. Some blame Valve's flat structure disincentivising employees from doing non-creative security work and never coming up with an open and company-wide policy regarding security.

Valve have since responded and taken the first step towards betterment with a security webpage.
Hello fellow lovers of hlfallout,

This site means a lot to us and I know it means a lot to you too! As some of you know, we recently obtained full ownership of the site, purchased a new host and put up a brand spanking new Front Page to celebrate. Now we need your support more than ever!
During all this time between Episode Two and Half-Life 3 do you think Gordon has just been sitting around doing nothing? Well for a few years maybe, but he found a book on military fashion that the Combine didn’t destroy at put it to use making this amazing new H.E.V armour.

Or maybe a talented artist was so sick of waiting for Half-Life 3 he created this artwork of what Gordon might do to upgrade his suit. You can see more of Daryl Mandryks artwork on his blog here.