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Looks like there is a new update for Team Fortress 2.
Buy the Campaign for $5,99, accept the contract, complete the challenges and win hats, or new cool one-of-a-kind weapons.
Portal Stories: Mel Ohh, what's this you ask, is Valve getting off their asses? HAH, you wish. This is a community made mod for Portal 2 Featuring 22 beautiful new brain-twisting levels, hundreds of voice-acted lines and even new music!

It is standalone, so you don't need to install Portal 2 (but then again, why not?) but you do need to own a copy of the base game on Steam.
What do you get when you mix Hotline Miami with Half-Life 2? Well, read the tile.

This upcoming free tiny indie game borrows the camera from hotline miami, the setting, enemies, weapons, and surprisingly enough, gameplay pacing from Half-Life 2. Fingers crossed that it'll be good. Sources (HAH! source, geddit?) say that it will even have its own built-in level editor.

To make the wait easier, here's another mashup:
SUPERHOTLINEmiami = hotline miami + SUPERHOT
It's that time again! Steam Sale time! Try your best to find a game to buy that you haven't already bought in a previous Steam sale!

It's a video. Watch it. You can preorder the controller here!