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Portal Stories: Mel Ohh, what's this you ask, is Valve getting off their asses? HAH, you wish. This is a community made mod for Portal 2 Featuring 22 beautiful new brain-twisting levels, hundreds of voice-acted lines and even new music!

It is standalone, so you don't need to install Portal 2 (but then again, why not?) but you do need to own a copy of the base game on Steam.
What do you get when you mix Hotline Miami with Half-Life 2? Well, read the tile.

This upcoming free tiny indie game borrows the camera from hotline miami, the setting, enemies, weapons, and surprisingly enough, gameplay pacing from Half-Life 2. Fingers crossed that it'll be good. Sources (HAH! source, geddit?) say that it will even have its own built-in level editor.

To make the wait easier, here's another mashup:
SUPERHOTLINEmiami = hotline miami + SUPERHOT
It's that time again! Steam Sale time! Try your best to find a game to buy that you haven't already bought in a previous Steam sale!

It's a video. Watch it. You can preorder the controller here!
The mod team recreating the first Half-Life have now put up their work in progress on Steam. No downloading from a website, you can do it straight from the Steam client.

The game is still in 'Early access' so if you are looking forward to blasting your way around Xen you will have to wait a little longer. But as a Half-Life fan you're used to waiting for things. Head on over to their Steam page to find out more.